1. Software Required

As stated earlier, PHP is server side language and therefore you need server to run PHP scripts. But don’t worry, we are not suggesting you to buy any server. Rather than investing money in buying server, we will pretend that your computer is a server. Yes! It can be done by using a software called ‘Wampserver’.

Wampserver will permit us to test PHP scripts on own machine. Sounds confusing? Well, don’t be cause we will explain each and every step to install software and test if it successfully executes script.

You can download Wampserver from here .

Install it ! If installation is successful, icon of flash server will flash at the right bottom corner of your screen.

Now this point will act as your central point from where you can play with the server. You can put it online or stop it. Click on “W” icon and then click on Localhost.  Following page will appear:

Local Host Image

Clicking on phpinfo() must bring you with following page:

If the page appears, then it is an indication that your server is up and running. On next page we will learn to how to save php files using software we have just installed.


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