1. Introduction

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessing. It is server side scripting language that is used to enhance pages of your website. Any web page with URL ending in “.php” is created using PHP scripts.

What is Server-side language?

Server is a computer where webpage you request for is stored. When you send a request to the server by typing its URL in address bar of your browser, server provides you response in terms of that page. PHP does not run on your computer rather it runs on server and thus it is a server side language.

Why Should I Care?

PHP has become core for any web designing process. If you are pursuing career as web designer, it is must for you to get familiar with simple basics of PHP. As you scroll along the pages in order, you will be introduced with basic codes and techniques in PHP.

Let’s Start!

I will introduce you with some terminologies used in programming language in next session. It will help you to ease your journey through the rest part of the tutorial. To go to the next page, click here.


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