History of Union Square, San Francisco

Considered as Landmark of San Francisco, The Union Square has history stretching back to the era of US Civil Wars. The square was named after housing many pro-union rallies in the period of Civil War. Since its construction, Union Square has undergone many changes adding to its beauty and strength.

A symbol of Residence

While creating outline for city San Francisco on paper, Jasper O’Farrell marked Union Square as a public gathering spot to make occupiers relax and enjoy a sip of hot coffee during tiring day. In 1880, the square was renowned as location for residential houses having rich and delicate designs. It was also surrounded by three churches facing their openings towards the square then.

The Earthquake

Earthquake in 1906 was responsible for changing the face of Union Square. Aftereffects of earthquake boosted construction of stores and offices around Union Square making it primary shopping spot of the city. Constructed in 1908, Hotel St. Francis is the tallest building facing square till date.

Underground Parking

Development in automobile industry increases rush of vehicles in downtown making it difficult to park cars near shopping centers in the square. Thus, Union Square Garage Corporation was formed who undertook the task of constructing first ever underground parking zone in the World.

Design of Union Square as that of today is result of international renovation competition held in 1997 to brighten up the square. It took $25 million and creative heads to bring the design live.


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